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Shanghai Duxia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer automatic blow molding machines, and bottle blowing machine.Unremitting efforts to provide more economical and modern products! !

Company Qualification

Our company now has a group of excellent technical personnel with 20 years of practical experience in the plastic machine industry, just to better serve you...


Provide customers with detailed quotations before sales, and repeatedly experiment with the products required by customers during production. Strictly guarantee the quality of machines and molds.

Our Products

Blow molding machine

Can produce all kinds of plastic products from 5ml to 1000L

Bottle Blowing machine

Can produce all kinds of plastic bottle from 50 ml to 20L

Blow mold

Work with different blow molding machine

Plastic auxiliary machine

Work with different blow molding machine

General Applications for blow molding machine

Medical industry

Medicine bottles, medical beds, medical stretchers, etc.

Toy industry

Baby and children's playground equipment

Package industry

Oil drums, oil cans, laundry detergent bottles, etc.

Road industry

Road cones, water horses, fences, anti-collision buckets, etc.

Garden industry

Watering cans, spray buckets, high-pressure sprayers, etc.

Auto Parts Industry

Car bumpers, car air ducts, car dust jackets, car deflectors, car repair decks, etc.

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