6 factors affecting the effect of blow molding machine

    In the plastic industry, many companies will use the hollow products to consider the blow molding process in order to save costs, so that the cost will be greatly reduced relative to injection molding, so the method of blow molding has also been rapidly developed. Blowing products are also widely applicable, such as toy industries, packaging industries, electrical industry, and other industries. The position of the mold is separated (composite line) involved in the blow molding process, the product slope, the product layout, the inflation ratio, rounded, and modified appearances are the mold engineers and blown engineers must consider.

The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Position of the matching line

    Opening mold engineers need to carefully consider how to simultaneously affect the outmodel and product appearance of subsequent products;

2. Product slope

     There must be a certain slope parallel to all the surfaces in the direction of the mold, where the slope should make the mold to be easily opened for the product.

3. Check all use functions

     When used as a product, the less components, the less the assembly work, because the product cost can be reduced;

4. Blowing ratio In the inflation,

     Pay attention to the area of the bow | to the shaped and thin geometrical shape, which may be protruding or recessed, and the ratio of width and deep ratio can be assisted in vacuo;

5. Principle of radius

     Avoid sharp edges, corners, sudden changes in the surface, and sudden transformation of the product diameter or wall thickness;

6. Others Insert,

     Exhaust tank, intake pin, top pin hole, lettering, and label position must be carefully considered. In summary, whether it is a small blow mold, or a large blow product, the energy and time need to be put into the development need not, must carefully consider the factors that will affect the blow molding effect, In order to make each piece of blowing products appearance and functionality.

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