Effect of screw speed on blow molding machine

    The screw speed directly affects the yield of blow molding machine and the quality of the product, which determines the size and shape of the screw and the extruded article and the type of the raw material. The speed of increasing the screw can significantly increase the production of blow molding machine, but the power consumption is also increased accordingly. From the purpose of improving the output, it is advantageous to adopt a higher speed. At the same time, increasing the speed of the screw due to the increase in the shear effect of the screw, improves the screw speed and improves the plasticization effect of the material, and improves the micro quality of the article. However, the improvement of the screw speed should be limited, too high, and the residence time of the plastic is short, it may cause uneven melt temperature, and the surface quality of the seat is lowered. In particular, the shear rate increases to cause high density polyethylene plastic. Moreover, a large amount of frictional heat is generated when the speed is increased, so that the plastic is in an instant degradation. Therefore, the speed of the screw should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

    In the past, if it is necessary to improve the production of blow molding machines, the main method is to increase the diameter of the screw. Although the screw diameter increases, the material extruded in unit time will increase. But the blow molding machine is not a screw conveyor. In addition to extruding the material, the screw also extruded the plastic, stirred, cut, and plastics plastic. Under the premise of the screw speed constant, the screw speed of the ordinary blow molding machine, the conventional blow molding machine is 60 to 90 revolutions (each minute, the same). It is now generally raised to 100 to 120 turns. High-speed blow molding machine reached 150 to 180 turns. Foreign reported a blow molding machine screw speed produced by a blow molding machine manufacturer in 200 rpm and above.

If the screw diameter does not change, the screw speed is increased, the torque of the screw will increase, and the torque reaches a certain degree, the screw has a danger of being reversed. However, by improving the material and production process of the screw, the screw structure is reasonably designed, shorten the length of the feed section, improve the flow rate of the material, reducing the extrusion resistance, and reducing torque, improve the ability of the screw. How to design the most reasonable screw, under the premise of the screw, maximize the screw speed, which requires the professional to obtain a large number of tests.

The same screw diameter blow molding machine, high-speed and efficient blow molding machine is much more energy than conventional blow molding machines, and the motor power should be increased. The same screw diameter blow molding machine is equipped with a large motor, which looks power, but if calculated according to yield, high-speed efficient blow molding machine energy saves more than conventional blow molding machines. Moreover, this is only compared to the energy consumption of the motor, and if the electricity of the heater and fan in the blow molding machine, the difference in energy consumption is greater. Blowing machine with large screw diameters is equipped with a large heater, and the thermal area is also increased. Therefore, two blow molding machines, high-efficient new blow molding machines, small and high-efficient, and the heater consumption is less than the traditional large screw blow molding machine, which also saves a lot of electricity in heating.

In terms of heater power, high-speed and efficient blow molding machines are not increased by the same general blow molding machine as the screw diameter, and increase the power of the heater due to increased capacity. Because the heater of the blow molder is mainly in the preheating stage, when normal production, the heat of material is mainly converted by consuming motor electrical energy, and the heat transfer rate is very low, and electricity is not Big, this is more obvious in the high speed blow molding machine.

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