How to correctly clean the screw of blow molding machine

1, Use the correct heating device

It is also the most effective way to use fire or fire to remove plastics on the screw, which is most effective in plastic processing units, but absolutely cannot use acetylene flame to clean the screw. The acetylene flame temperature can reach 3000 ° C, cleaning with acetylene flames Cleaning the screw will not only destroy the metal characteristics of the screw, and will also significantly affect the mechanical tolerance of the screw. If the acetylene flame is turned into a long-lasting blue at a part of the baking screw, it means that the metal structure of the screw is happened. The change will result in a decrease in wear resistance in this part, and even a resistance to the matrix metal stripping. The partial heating of the acetylene flame can also cause overheating of the screw side, resulting in a screw curvature. Most screw adopted 4140.h. T. Made of steel, the tolerance is very tight, generally within 0.03 mm. The length of the screw is mostly within 0.01 mm, and when the screw is baked with acetylene, it is often difficult to return to the original straightness. Correct and effective way: Adopt the spray light immediately after the screw is used. Since the screw has the heat in the process experience, the heat distribution of the screw is still uniform.

2, Use the correct cleaner

Today, the commodity economy is highly developed, there are many different-color screw cleaner (screw cleaning materials), most of which are expensive, and the effect is not good. Whether to use commercial cleaner, depending on the different manufacturers and production conditions; Plastic processing companies can also use different resins to make screw cleaning materials according to their own production conditions, and can make a small expense for the factory.

3. Select the correct cleaning method

The first step of cleaning the screw is to turn off the feed tablet, that is, the blanket opening at the bottom of the hopper; Then reduce the screw speed to 15-25R / min, and continuous this speed until the melt flow stop in the front end of the die. Stop flowing. The temperature of all heating zones of the barrel should be set at 200 ° C. Once the cartridge reaches this temperature, start cleaning immediately. According to the extrusion process (may need to remove the die to reduce the risk of the front end of the extruder, the risk of high pressure is required), so it must be realized by individuals when cleaning: the operator observes the screw speed heel torque from the control panel, while observing Extruding pressure to ensure that the system pressure will not be too high. In the entire experience, the screw speed should be continued within 20R / min. In the application of a low voltage die, do not remove the die for cleaning. When the extrudate is completely converted from the processing resin to clean the resin and remove the die, then restart the screw (within 10R / min) to flow out of the residual cleaning resin.

4. Select the correct cleaning tool

    Correctly appropriate tools with cleaning materials should include: heat-resistant gloves, goggles, copper scrapes, copper brush, copper wire, stearic acid, electric drill, machine tube, cotton.

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