Difference between blow molding machine and injection molding machine

There are significant differences between blow molding machines and injection molding machines in terms of working principle, material suitability, productivity, product characteristics and application areas. The following is a detailed description of the two types of machines:

Different working principles. The blow molding machine is to blow the heated and plasticized plastic granules through compressed air to form hollow various products; the injection molding machine is to mold the heated and melted plastic materials through high-pressure injection molding to form various shapes of products.
Different material applicability. Blow molding machine is suitable for the production of some hollow products, such as plastic bottles, plastic drums, etc., usually using polyethylene and polypropylene and other low-density polymers; injection molding machine is suitable for the production of some more complex plastic products, such as electronics shells, automotive parts, etc., can use a wider range of plastic materials.
Production efficiency is different. Blow molding machines usually have low production efficiency and can only make tens to hundreds of products per hour; injection molding machines have high production efficiency and can make hundreds to thousands of products per hour.
Product characteristics are different. Blow molding machine products generally have a simpler appearance, toughness and pressure resistance is not particularly strong, waterproof features; injection molding machine products have a beautiful appearance, high dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, flame retardant and other aspects of good performance.
Application areas are different. Blow molding machine is mainly used for the production of hollow containers, such as plastic bottles, plastic drums, etc.; injection molding machine is suitable for the manufacture of large quantities of plastic products, such as plastic boxes, plastic cups, plastic boxes, etc.


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