Is there a difference between a blow molding machine and an injection molding machine?

Injection molding machine and blow molding machine is a different process of two different machines, in the process of the machine to produce products in the machine debugging temperature is not the same, if the material back to another process of production, the mold as well as the machine is very damaging! It is not recommended to use this kind of return material for two different products!
Injection molding machine production of plastic parts, is the need for core, cavity, that is, convex mold, concave mold together in order to come out of the work; and blow molding machine production of products is only concave mold can be out of the product. Blow molding machine is generally used for the production of warning posts, plastic barrels, barricades, septic tanks, kayaks, double-ring barrels, trays, solar liners, mobile toilets, floats, medical bedside, IBC barrels; injection molding machine is more common production of various types of electronic product shells, as well as plastic cardboard, plastic baskets and so on.
The principle of the blow molding machine is to heat the plastic with the wind into a film or hollow method of production of a variety of plastic products machinery. Such as plastic film, bottles and so on.
The principle of injection molding machine is molding thermoplastic plastic. It is similar to extrusion molding, the difference is that the molten plastic through the nozzle into the closed mold, solidification in the mold and products. The mold with pressure filled with plastic method of producing a variety of plastic products machinery. For example, a machine case, orange, a combination, a pencil, a barrel, a tube, etc..
Even with the same material equipment, the selection of physical properties are not the same, an injection level, a blow molding level, injection molding machine with injection level material, blow molding machine with blow molding level material, and injection level tensile properties are not as good as blow molding level, so the injection level can not be used in blow molding production, the same blow molding level should not be used in injection molding production.


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