Operation Procedure

  1. Don’t cancel the function of the safety gate at will for the sake of convenience.
  2. Pay attention to the temperature of the pressure oil, the oil temperature should not exceed the specified range. The ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil should be maintained between 45-50 ℃, generally within the range of 35-60 ℃ is more appropriate.
  3. Pay attention to the adjustment of each travel switch to avoid the machine in the action of the impact.

End of work

  1. After the operation of the injection molding machine, the barrel should be cleaned up the plastic, to prevent the leftover material oxidation or long-term thermal decomposition.
  2. The mold should be opened, so that the elbow lever mechanism time in a closed state.
  3. The workshop must be equipped with lifting equipment. When loading and unloading the mold should be very careful to ensure production safety.


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