Carrousel Rotomolding Machine


1. Three stations(Heating, cooling, disassembly) can be operated like a assembly line to increase yield;

2. High utilization rate of oven makes equipment more energy-saving and environmental friendly;

3. This is suitable for simultaneous production of products with similar molding time;

4. Independent cooling station improves plant environment;

5. Fixed disassembly station contributes to easy operation.

Details about Carrousel Rotomolding Machine


This Rising Suns’ carrousel automatic-controlled machine is widely accepted by the market for it is efficient, energy-saving and cost-effective. It has a central turntable that carries 3-4 arms and cars. Among them the car is automatically and independently controlled, thus making production more flexible and improving the efficiency by 30% compared with other models.


The equipment is modularly designed and manufactured;

The cylinder oven has high space utilization and low heat absorption;

Anti-deformation design of the oven door contributes to improve security;

Real-time monitoring of oven temperature helps reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Oven: it passed the CAE test and verification and the temperature in the oven is uniform;

Heating chamber: 1. The hot gas is blown into the oven through a circulating fan below the heating chamber, and the remaining hot air can flow into the heating chamber through a suction outlet at the top. This design helps makes the powder less likely to accumulate and thus prevents fire. 2. The interior of the heating chamber is made of stainless steel, which is durable. 3. The thermal cycle fan and dual cooling system are conducive to durable and stable output.

Rotating arm and head: they are totally enclosed design and adopts casting and forging process, whose performance is improved to be safe and reliable after heat treatment.

Bearing capacity of rotating arms: Mechanical CAE Analysis.

Ventilation function of rotating arm: adjust its thickness to be uniform; Environmental protection device for waste gas recovery can reduce exhaust gas emissions, improve the environment of the workshop.


PLC control: Siemens’s PLC manages data over Ethernet with standardized circuit.

Each arm can be set up three stage heating, and each stage can be set up with different heating temperature, time, main and counter shaft speed, and circulation air volume.

Cooling function: cooling, delay, water mist, multi-stage setting of air cooling;

Storage function: store production parameters of corresponding products;The position of disassembly and assembly station is fixed to improve the efficiency ;

Disassembly & assembly process: rotating arm is wireless remote-controlled, which is safe and efficient;


Be able to continuously produce products when the molds are changed. Selectable raw materials:PE XPE  PP PA PA6 PA12;100% recyclable.


1. Real-time monitoring of temperature inside and outside the mold

(1). Real-time transmission of in-mold temperature changes during heating forming

(2). Real-time monitoring of material during heating forming

(3). Monitoring the melting of materials and their effects on materials;

(4). Monitor the temperature of different parts of the mold, such as the inside and outside parts , upper and lower parts;

(5). Real-time monitoring of temperature inside and outside the mold during heating forming;

(6). Real-time transmission of temperature during cooling.

2. Secondary charging system (Optional)

(1). Produce multilayer products

(2). Produce products in the color of camouflage

(3). PE foaming can be achieved;

3. Automatic orientation (Optional): local thickening can be performed deep cavity products can be produced to adjust the thickness; products in the color of camouflage can be produced

4. Automatic feeding weighing system (Optional)

5. Safety protection at disassembly &assembly station (Optional)

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