Plastic injection molding machine DX-500

Design principles of injection molding machine

Safety: Reliable mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety protection devices.

High efficiency: the ease of use, the convenience of maintenance, and the improvement of production efficiency.

Low energy consumption: excellent control system with improved hydraulic system

Reliability: The overall rigidity of the machine is strengthened to make the equipment operate reliably.

Details about Plastic injection molding machine DX-500

Features of injection molding machine:
The high-rigidity five-elbow connecting rod structure and box-shaped conjoined structure improve the rigidity and precision of clamping
Oil-containing joint bushes effectively increase the life of the clamping parts and save lubricating oil.
The double-cylinder balanced injection structure ensures reliable injection and strong pressure.
The special and universal screw barrel design meets the needs of different users.
The centralized lubrication system makes each lubrication point get uniform and continuous lubrication.
The high-strength coring column makes the clamping force more stable.
Using flexible multi-point ejection, suitable for different mold needs.
The fully digital CAN control mode makes the system pressure and flow control more accurate.
Technical parameters of injection molding machine DX-500

Injection deviceUnitABC
Screw diametermm808590
Screw length to diameter ratioL/D19.818.617.6
Theoretical injection pressureMpa149132117
Theoretical injection volumecm³2210.62495.52797.7
Injection weightg2077.92345.82629.9
Injection rateg/s468.4528.8592.8
Plasticizing abilityg/s100.5118.6141.4
Screw speedrpm190
Clamping device  
Clamping forcekN5000
Move mold strokemm780
Distance between tie rodsmm820*820
Maximum mold thicknessmm780
Minimum mold thicknessmm320
Ejection forcekN125.6
Ejection strokemm203
Number of ejector rodspiece17
System pressureMpa16
Oil pump motor powerkW45
Electric heating powerkW31
Fuel tank capacityL615
Machine weightT23

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