Storage type blow molding machine DXB200L

Model: Storage blow molding machine DXB200L
Name: Storage blow molding machine
Product volume: 230L
Applicable materials: PP / PE / ABS…

Details about Storage type blow molding machine DXB200L

Blow molding machine basic configuration:

Electronic control system: Japan Mitsubishi PLC microcomputer control + large screen Chinese and English people interface, all-round realization process parameters set, retrieve, monitor, troubleshooting; Mitsubishi 4AD temperature control module, integrated precision control temperature change, performance reliability, long lasting;

Hydraulic system: Germany DMASS servo system + Japanese Sumitomi pump, equipped with Japanese yuken hydraulic components, proportional pressure control, smooth operation, fast and efficient, equipment energy consumption, and noise decline;

Opening and cooperation system: double translation + ball linear guide + large beam wall cylindrical axis + central locking, with high precision gear rack, ensuring high efficiency and smoothness; large cylinder supercharging mode, ensuring larger phase-locked force ;

Extrusion system: Hard tooth surface reducer + US ETD inverter + Siemens motor + blow molded optimized screw to ensure perfect plasticization of various raw materials, ensure the amount of unit time screw extrusion, speed efficiency and smooth noise, high efficiency Energy saving;

Motor system: special steel production, optimization of flow design, center feed extrusion die, eliminate converged lines, improve product performance;

Wall thickness system: Japan MOOG100-point wall thick controller + independent small oil source + MOOG servo valve, use the domestic state-of-the-art product surface thick controller, control accuracy 0.05-20mm, perfect implementation of the precision control of various products;

Technical Parameters

Basic specificationsUNITFixed mold opening and closing
Use raw materialsPE.PP.ABS..
Maximum product volumeL230
Empty loopPC/HR180
Machine dimensions (L×W×H)M9.5×4.1×6.5
Machine weightT36
Mold opening and closing system  
Clamping forceKN800
Template sizeMM1200×1300
Mold opening and closing strokeMM800-1700
Move mold strokeMM900
Maximum mold size (W×H)MM950×1600
Mold thicknessMM900-960
Servo oil pump motor powerKW37
Servo oil pump displacementL/MIN200
Blowing pressureMPA1
Gas consumptionM3/MIN3
Cooling water pressureMpa0.5
Water consumptionL/min120
Average energy consumptionKW120-140
Extrusion system  
Screw diameterMM120
Screw length to diameter ratioL/D32
Plasticizing ability (HDPE)KG/H320
Screw heating section numberZONE6
Screw heating powerKW39
Screw fan powerKW0.6
Extrusion motor powerKW110(132)
Die head  
Number of heating zone sections of die headZONE6
Heating power of single dieKW38
Maximum die diameterMM500
Storage tank volumeL20
Storage tank weightKG15

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