Structure and working principle of hollow blow molding machine

A hollow blow molding machine principle introduction
Simply put, blow molding machine is the melted liquid plastic using the wind blowing out, blowing inside different molds, to obtain a variety of different styles of blow molded products.
Detailed principle of the process is with the rotation of the screw, the threads are forced to the direction of the head, due to the head at the filter, manifold, the head of the mouth of the mold resistance, coupled with the screw threads between the capacity is gradually reduced, so that the forward material is subjected to a great deal of resistance, and at the same time received the barrel of the incoming heat heating, on the other hand, the plastic is subjected to the compression of the movement, shear, stirring and other forces and the barrel, the friction between the screw produces a lot of heat, the temperature of the plastic in the barrel of the machine is very high, the temperature of the plastic in the barrel of the machine. Heat, plastic in the barrel temperature continues to rise, bending plasticization of plasticized plastic equal pressure, equal amount of extrusion from the head of the mouth of the mold, known as plastic products with a certain shape. After cooling and shaping, the extrusion molding work is completed.

Second, the structure of hollow blow molding machine
Blow molding machine equipment consists of foundation head, machine head, hydraulic system, mold closing system, electrical control system, inflation system, automatic clamping and other structures, the foundation structure can be divided into power part and heating part. The main role of the power part is to carry out energy transfer and wind power output, and the main parts are composed of frequency converter and motor. The heating part is composed of electromagnetic heater and bracket part, which can be used to heat the plastic that needs to be blown by wind power to ensure the long-term softening characteristics.

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