Use of automatic detection devices to effectively solve wire stacking accidents that occur during the production of injection molding machines

Probe design (Fig. 1) The contact is fixed on the bracket, when it meets the latitude line, the contact is pressed down, its left end is lifted up to cover the photoelectric switch, and the photoelectric switch is triggered to output current. After the contact passes the weft line, the contact is reset under the action of the torsion spring, and the left end is moved down to leave the photoelectric switch, and the output is disconnected. In the production of the weft line uniformly moving, uniform contact “undulation”, photoelectric switch uniformly on and off. 2. Circuit principle (Figure 2) photoelectric switch is triggered, the output current as the power supply of the time relay. Time relay has the role of delay switch, delay time can be manually adjusted. Set the mechanical probe through the first line of latitude to enter the second line of latitude before the time used for T0 (latitude cycle), the delay time for T, the probe every time through the line of latitude, have to start 1 time relay, time relay every start 1 time, the delay time to be re-timed. If the regulation T0≤T<2T0, then the time relay has no chance to output current.

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