Cosmetic bottle automatic blowing machine DX-26B series

Number of cavities: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2
Product capacity: 1L, 2L
Bottle diameter: 35-75mm, 50-105m
Bottle height: 30-320mm, 40-360mm

Machine features:
The manual control method of preforms is adopted to prevent the surface of the preforms from reducing the surface finish of the preforms due to mutual friction.
Driven by Japan’s Mitsubishi servo motor, equipped with Taiwan Faston reducer, stable, efficient and energy-saving.
Photoelectric switch, proximity switch, relay: Japan Omron, accurate control accuracy and fast response speed.
Ruby infrared tube heating, strong penetrating power, uniform heating, high efficiency and energy saving 40%.
Air switch, contactor, switching power supply: French Schneider, durable.
The man-machine interface control program imported from Japan’s Mitsubishi or Germany’s Siemens has stable performance and simple operation.
The German FESTO oil-water separator and the Japanese SMC action valve have fast switching speed, low failure rate, and safe and reliable operation.
American Parker high-pressure blowing valve, high sensitivity, rapid blowing product molding.
Action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the needs of different air pressures for blowing and action, and to achieve high-pressure blowing products.
The servo motor has a unique mold clamping method, which has fast mold opening and closing speed and smooth movement.
The servo motor stretches synchronously, effectively controlling the blow molding of the product, and the yield rate is high.
The whole machine has the functions of automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment, and the maintenance is convenient and quick.

*The specific configuration is subject to the contract and will vary with the improvement of the equipment

Details about Cosmetic bottle automatic blowing machine DX-26B series

Basic technical parameters

Number of cavities123
Product capacity1L1L1L
Mold opening stroke98mm98mm98mm
Mold thickness180mm180mm180mm
Tie rod stroke410mm410mm410mm
Theoretical output1000Bph1600Bph2100Bph
Bottle diameter30-75mm30-75mm30-75mm
Bottle height30-320mm30-320mm30-320mm
Thread size18-38mm18-38mm18-38mm
power supply3 phase,380v,50-60hz3 phase,380v,50-60hz3 phase,380v,50-60hz
Total power12kw21kw29kw
Actual use power6kw9kw14kw
Work pressure8bar8bar8bar
Blowing pressure30bar30bar30bar
Low pressure air consumption0.5m³/min0.8m³/min1.0m³/min
High pressure air consumption0.6m³/min0.9m³/min1.2m³/min
Water consumption16-25L/min20-30L/min16-25L/min
Machine weight1700kg2300kg2900kg
Pass rate≥99.8%≥99.7%≥99.7%

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