Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine DX-LGW

Bottle blowing machine  features:

The full computer control program, the performance is accurate, strong stability, simple operation, etc.

German Festo and Japanese SMC pneumatic components, high control precision, fast response.

Due to the different requirements of the PP process, special computer temperature control, and ruby infrared lamps are heated.

The action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the need for blowing, the need for different air pressure, and achieve high air pressure blow products. Switching power supply, circuit breaker, contactor: France Schneider, durable.

The double-clad arm synthesis structure is used, the lockup force is strong, and the operation is smooth and reliable. By process improvement, this device can blow high temperature 90 degrees of PET bottles.

* The specific configuration is subject to the contract, which will vary with the improvement of the equipment.

Details about Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine DX-LGW

The main technical parameters:

main componentprojectDX-LGW/S2DX-LGW/S4
Blow Molding Machine







Product capacity (L)22
Theoretical output6001200
Mold opening stroke (mm)165165
Maximum mold thickness (mm)220220
Maximum bottle height (mm)410410
Maximum bottle diameter (mm)125125
Dimensions (m)1.6*0.7*1.71.6*0.7*1.7




Power specifications380v/50-60hz380v/50-60hz
Heating power (kw)1216
Number of embryos7296
Dimensions (m)1.8*0.6*1.52.3*0.6*1.5
High pressure air compressorExhaust volume (L/min)1.63.2
Working pressure (mpa)33
Motor power (kw)18.537
Dimensions (m)1.8*1.2*1.852.9*1.2*1.85

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