Plastic crusher


Powerful crusher is mainly suitable for the crushing of PVC, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastics and polyfoam soft materials, waste products or injection nozzles, etc. If you change the corresponding sieve plate and adjust the blade gap, you can also Crush all kinds of plastic products such as blown film, flakes and thin plate blown parts. The whole machine body structure is made of steel, which is stable and durable. Long-term use will not affect the mechanical properties due to crushed materials. Heavy-duty bearing and oily device, equipped with sound insulation board, can effectively control vibration and noise to ensure that processing is not affected

Details about Plastic crusher

Technical Parameters

ModelStator knivesRotating knivesScreen diameter(mm)Feeding size(mm)Capacity (kg/hour)Power (kw)Dimensions




DX2-23026Φ8-50230*160 mm50-1004620*800*1100330
DX2-800424Φ8-50800*500 mm1000-1200221500*1800*18802200
DX2-1000430Φ8-501000*500 mm1100-1400301650*1950*20002500

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