Storage type blow molding machine DXB120Y

Model: Storage blow molding machine DXB120E

Name: Storage blow molding machine

Product volume: 160L

Applicable materials: PP / PE / ABS …

Details about Storage type blow molding machine DXB120Y

Blow molding machine basic configuration:

Electronic control system: Japan Mitsubishi PLC microcomputer control + large screen Chinese and English people interface, all-round realization process parameters set, retrieve, monitor, troubleshooting; Mitsubishi 4AD temperature control module, integrated precision control temperature change, performance reliability, long lasting;

Hydraulic system: Germany DMASS servo system + Japanese Sumitomi pump, equipped with Japanese yuken hydraulic components, proportional pressure control, smooth operation, fast and efficient, equipment energy consumption, and noise decline;

Opening and cooperation system: double translation + ball linear guide + large beam wall cylindrical axis + central locking, with high precision gear rack, ensuring high efficiency and smoothness; large cylinder supercharging mode, ensuring larger phase-locked force ;

Extrusion system: Hard tooth surface reducer + US ETD inverter + Siemens motor + blow molded optimized screw to ensure perfect plasticization of various raw materials, ensure the amount of unit time screw extrusion, speed efficiency and smooth noise, high efficiency Energy saving;

Motor system: special steel production, optimization of flow design, center feed extrusion die, eliminate converged lines, improve product performance;

Wall thickness system: Japan MOOG100-point wall thick controller + independent small oil source + MOOG servo valve, use the domestic state-of-the-art product surface thick controller, control accuracy 0.05-20mm, perfect implementation of the precision control of various products;

DXB120Y Technical Parameters
Basic specificationsUnitSpecification
Use raw materialsHMWHDPE
Maximum product volumeL1000
Production capacity (empty cycle)PC/HR100
Dimensions (L×W×H)M10.8×4.5×7.8
Machine weightT80
Mold opening and closing system
Clamping forceKN1500
Template spacingMM1000-2700
Template sizeMM1800×1600
Maximum mold size (W×H)MM1600×1400
Mold thicknessMM1100-1500
Maximum driving powerKW300
Screw fan powerKW2×1.5
Oil pump motor powerKW2×18.5
Air pressureMPA1
Air source displacementM3/MIN4
Average energy consumptionKW250
Extrusion system
Screw diameterMM2×120
Screw long diameter ratioL/D30
Plasticization capacity (HDPE)KG/H2×400
Screw heating segmentZONE2×6
Screw heating powerKW2×55.8
Extruded motor powerKW2×132
Tempad heating segmentZONE7
Histones heating powerKW91.7
Maximum diameter of extrusionMM650
Storage cylinder volumeL60

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